Museum centre of O. Blavatska and her family

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Department of the Dniepropetrovsk historical museum named after D. Yavornitskiy.
In 2005 at the Dniepropetrovsk historical museum named after D. Yavornitskiy creating the museum centre devoted to the well-known person O.Blavatska, born in Katerinoslav-Dniepropetrovsk, and unique dynasty, which she belonged to, begun.
A new museum is being created in the ancient city noble estate having belonged to A.M. Fadeyev, who was Blavatska’s grandfather, a statesman and public figure, and his wife O.P. Fadeyeva, a scientist-naturalist.
Here the childhood and youth of the writer O.Gan, who was this married couple’s elder daughter, passed. Here their son P.A. Fadeyev, a general, journalist, public figure, and their younger daughters K.A. Vitte and N.A. Fadeyeva were born. Fadeyevs’ grandchildren, among them – the writer V.P. Zhelihovska and the statesman S.U. Vitte, were prominent personalities.
In 1831 at this Katerinoslav mansion Olena Petrivna Blavatska, Fadeyevs’ granddaughter, O.A. and P.A. Gans’ daughter, was born. Olena Petrivna was the ancient teachings researcher, creator of the International Theosophical society.
The heritage by O. Blavatska had a deep impact upon the activity of prominent representatives of the world science, art, literature and politics. In the process of emancipation of thinking her expression “no religion is higher than truth” is becoming clearer to many people of the world. But today it’s no doubt that the Motherland has to think over the ideas of this lady-torch.
The Dniepropetrovsk museum centre will become the centre of studying heritage by O.P Blavatska and her family. D.I. Yavornitskiy began collecting artifacts of the future museum.
Since 1990 this work had been continued by historical museum staff and working with it initiator group on the voluntary basis. In 2005-2006 the building which was in the critical conditions was transferred to the historical museum. Comprehensive historical and architectural research work had begun, a restoration draft of Fadeyev’s house was made. At the same time the scientific work goes on. The future museum collection numbers over nine thousand items. It includes memorial articles, lifetime editions of books and papers of family members. Museum collection possesses scientific publications and literary works by O. Blavatska in different languages of 19th-21stcenturies, works by her followers and researchers. Scientific conception of the museum had been tested in international scientific forums.
Exhibition-presentations are displayed at museums of Ukraine during last years.
According to the program “The museum from the zero cycle” there is a “pilot” exhibition in three rooms of the house. Based on operating conditions, it has an experimental character and it is built on the base of the copies of those unique materials which are help at museum. Exhibition of three large sections describes the fate and legacy of O.P. Blavatska, the creative activity of her dynasty members, the scientific conception and progress to establish Museum centre of O. Blavatska and her family. Specialists, creating the museum, conduct meetings, tours and consultations. Topical meetings, video-film watching are organized for museum visitors. The scientific library works.

Address: Leningrad street, Dniepropetrovsk, 49000.
Museum is opened on Thursday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
+38(056) 3743952,

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