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There is one of the oldest buildings carrying the memory of different epochs in the main avenue of Dniepropetrovsk. Citizens call it Insov’s house, and during recent years they have called it museum “Literary Pridneprovye”. This house was built in the early 19th century for Tutorial Committee of foreing settlers, activity of which is closely connected with the name of well-known public figures: S.H. Kontenins, I.M. Insov, A.M. Fadeyeva. In 1820 Insov office was visited by O. Pushkin who had been sent here for job.
The next period of Insov’s house history since the middle of 1830ies is associated with development of education in Pridneprovie. It housed the local school.
This edifice was built on between 1886 and 1890. in 1901 the building housed the supreme government’s primary school, in 1910 – City college. At the beginning of the century the literary-actors’ society named after Gogol was located here. The painter M.S. Pogrybnyak had been a teacher of graphic arts here since 1908. The poet M.A. Svetlov had got an education at this college during those years. During 1920ies Insov’s house housed I. Franko Ukrainian school and courses. V. Pidmogilniy, one of the first representatives of existentialism in Ukraine, had taughthere during 1919-1920. Among the best achievements are his novels “The city”, “The small drama”, “A story without a title”. In 1930ies the building housed the professional and technical school, colleges, factory and technical training schools, urban development office.
In 1949 the memorial plague dedicated to O.S. Pushkin (by sculptures S.A> Ogiy and G.P Levchuk) was placed on the facade of the house, in 1963 it was rebuilt.
In 1985 creating of the museum “Literary Pridneprovye” begun. On its first stage research work and collecting of collections was held. Repair and restoration of the building was started since 1988.
The museum was inaugurated on May 24, 1998. Today it implements its program activity in unusual circumstances. Its first floor is devoted to literary exhibitions, the second which is not still repaired became a museum laboratory, a place where various cultural events take place. Every year the museum creates 20-25 literary and cultural exhibitions, holds up about 70 literary and musical parties.
The exhibitions devoted to T. Shevchenko, I.I. Manzhura, V.P. Pidmogilniy, M.O. Voloshine, V.P. Domopntovich, O.S. Pushkin, G.S. Masurenko, M.I. Zhuk, O.G. Sokulsky, O.I. Gonchar, D.I. Yavornitskiy. Pridneprovie tales, “Rapids” literary miscellany were of conciderable value. Series of exhibitions dedicated to works by artists, photographers, folk artists are being created. Some amateur studious, clubs, among them – literary amateur studio “Lileya” and the club of young writers-visionaries, philosophers’ club have been working here every week during recent years. Museum considers its work with youth to the priority in all spheres of its activity.
The museum “Literary Pridneprovye”, a young child of the Dniepropetrovsk historical museum named after D. Yavornitskiy, has taken its place, formed its concept of activity, it has its image and takes its place in culture. The famous in our city Insov’s house becomes increasingly known as the literary museum.

The museum is opened daily except Monday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Telephone number 38(056) 778-01-11.
Address: Karl Marx avenue, 64.

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